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“The JACS animation was created to provide an intro to a training module demonstrating how soldiers use the JACS system to communicate with their commanders when relaying requests for air support.

The client needed an animation that portrayed the joint capabilities provided by the system when mounted in a plane and it had to show a realistic scenario of when such a need might arise.

The plugin saved us almost 2 weeks worth of vehicle animation and rigging. It was so easy and fun to just load the rig and link up the different parts like wheels and body and drive around as though I was in a game. It literary took me minutes to have the Humvees rigged and animated. My greatest challenge was deciding when to stop the driving around looking for the perfect bump that would result in a nice Humvee body shake. I mean, it was that much fun.

The benefit I got from using the plugins was that I could focus more on the realism of the vehicles as opposed to spending time rigging the vehicle and programming the dynamics. Once the vehicles were rigged, animated and the keys baked, I could then just swap out the Humvee model type with another without reanimating. That saved me countless hours.

I have used other vehicle plugins that frankly don’t offer the ease or efficiency that the craft plugins provide. Needless to say I am a huge fan and absolutely love the plugins.

Solomon W. Jagwe @ Camber

I happen to enjoy animating inside of Vue Infinite, but I couldn’t find a good solution that made it possible to get animated vehicles into it. The craft plugins made that a lot easier.”

Hercules C-130 JACS Camber Helicopter JACS Camber JACS Camber

Camber Corporation (Huntington Ingalls Industries)

Solomon W. Jagwe


Camber Corporation provides engineering and technical services, cyber operations technology, mission critical support services, and training solutions to the United States federal agencies and affiliates, and international government and commercial customers. The company offers security and intelligence services in the areas of intelligence analysis and knowledge management, CBRN protection, and unmanned systems; training and readiness solutions in the areas of special operations, joint operations, lifecycle logistics, program evaluation, and assessment and certification; and engineering and technical support services in the areas of modeling and simulation, production, engineering, and integrated engineering and management. It also offers international peace, security, and development consulting services in the areas of international peacekeeping and peace-building operations; international defense institution engagement and support; support for multinational military and civil-military exercises; disaster risk reduction; humanitarian assistance and disaster relief; and research, analysis, and publications. In addition, the company offers cyber and information technology services in the areas of program management, software engineering, network engineering, and cyber security. It serves government customers, including the federal Departments of Defense, the Veterans Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and state and local governments, as well as commercial customers in energy, transportation, education, and treasury industries. The company was incorporated in 1985 and is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama with additional locations in the United States, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Latvia, Macedonia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Qatar, and Germany. Camber Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc..