Craft ExtraWheel


Craft ExtraWheel is a simulator for wheels. This animation tool makes it easy for the user to create realistic simulations for wheels in motion. The user links the model that will be rendered to Craft ExtraWheel for it to inherit it’s movement. All Craft ExtraWheels parameters can be altered in real time and may create some very peculiar shape changes during recording.

The surface on which Craft Extra Wheel drives can take any shape, be upside down or twist oddly. Surfaces can even be animated during recording with Craft Extra Wheel.

Craft Extra Wheel can also be combined with other products from Craft Director Studio. For example: it is possible to use Craft 4-wheeler (Extended) and Craft Trailer together with Craft Extra Wheel to create a truck.





Using Craft ExtraWheel


 Optimizing the scene

It’s wise to optimize the scene before starting to recording the animation. The scene is optimized by decreasing the amount of polygons shown during the recording. This is achieved by hiding objects not crucial to the part of the scene to be animated. Another tip is to use Craft Bounding Poly, which temporary lowers the amount of polygons for selected objects and allows for a smoother recording.


  1. Create a Craft ExtraWheel.
  2. Configure the controls for Craft Extra Wheel (analog input device is recommended). Configure the controls for Craft DirectInputLink (analog input device is recommended). Click on Input settings under the Tool menu in Craft Director Studio’s main window.
  3. Place Craft Extra Wheel’s ExtraWheel_01_WheelMesh at the same position as the model’s wheel. It might be wise to use wireframe mode so that only the outlines are visible. Keyboard shortcut for wireframe in 3ds Max is F3, CINEMA4D: N~G and 4 for Maya.
  4. Rescale Craft Extra Wheel so that it has the same size as the model’s wheel.
  5. Link the ExtraWheel_01_ChassisSuspensionMesh to the model it is going to move relative to.
  6. Link the red arrow under Craft Extra Wheel (ExtraWheel_01_GravityDirectionMesh) to the surface. The wheel will then follow this surface.
    Please Note: It can only be bound to one surface.
  7. To make sure that the recording runs a smooth as possible, hide all the high poly model’s parts.
  8. Click Record in Craft Director Studio’s main window to start recording. Craft Extra Wheel’s movement will be saved during the duration of the recording. Click Stop to stop the recording.
    • If the recording is not satisfactory drag the timeline back to any position desired and continue to rerecord from there. This way the entire recording does not have to be redone.
    • By using the Countdown feature, it’s possible to grab the input device and get ready before the recording starts (you can find the Countdown setting in the Main Configuration).
    • To make it easier to maneuver tricky parts in the animations, use the Slow-motion factor in Craft Director Studio’s main window.
  9. Unhide the high poly model.
  10. Render.

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Input settings


Gravel Shake Amplitude

Simulates driving on gravel.

Lock Wheels Amplitude

Locks the wheels.


Spinners enables the change of parameter values with an input controller in real-time.

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