Craft Firepower


Craft Firepower is a tool for creating that animation effect of Guns, Canons, Turrets, an object that is thrown or even rainfall. You can link/parent any object to the templateBullet and it will clone itself with every shot fired. You can use two Craft Firepowers with each other to create a gun that fires bullets and shoots out the empty shells with every shoot.

Craft Firepower can be used together with other Craft Director Studio. One example would be to build a jeep with mounted turret. Connect two Craft Firepowers to a Craft DirectInputLink to get the turret that fires bullets and shells. Connect the Craft Firepower’s input to the Craft 4-Wheelers Extended’s External Force input to create a recoil effect on the Craft 4-Wheeler Extended.





Using Craft Firepower


 Optimizing the scene

It’s wise to optimize the scene before starting to recording the animation. The scene is optimized by decreasing the amount of polygons shown during the recording. This is achieved by hiding objects not crucial to the part of the scene to be animated. Another tip is to use Craft Bounding Poly, which temporary lowers the amount of polygons for selected objects and allows for a smoother recording.


  1. Create a Craft Firepower.
  2. Configure the input settings for Craft Firepower.
    • Select Firepower in the tool tree list and click on the Input Settings button in the Craft Director Studio window. This will open the Input Settings window for Craft Firepower.
  3. If you want your Cannon to follow a moving object (for example a tank or a gun boat) start by positioning it where it should be mounted and then link/parent “Firepower_gun” to the moving object. Make sure you place the pivot of the Gun in the middle of the barrel of your high-poly gun.

    Place the Firepowers tip with a offset larger than “x”. The “x” is the length the hig poly bullet is larger than the Firepower_templateBullet (as shown in the image below).
  4. Link/Parent the“Firepower_gun” to the high poly cannon.
  5. Link/Parent the high poly barrel to “Firepower_barrel”.
  6. Align your high poly bullet/shot to “Firepower_templateBullet”.
  7. Link/Parent the high poly bullet/shot to “Firepower_templateBullet”
  8. (Optional) Link/Parent “Firepower_gravityDirection” to an object you want the bullets to collide with.
  9. (Optional) Rotate the rotationDirection mesh to change the direction of shots rotation.
  10. Click “Record” in Craft Director Studio’s main window and use the key you bound to “Fire” to fire the bullets/shots.
  11. Click “Stop” to stop the recording.
  12. Click the button for “Toggle visibility for all high-poly objects” (‘the black wheel’ next to Firepower_01 in the tool tree list)

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Input settings


This button will fire the shots.


Spinners enables the change of parameter values with an input controller in real-time.

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Config settings



General Modes

Hide Helpers
Hides the helper objects.

Hide Helpers During Recording
Hides the helpers during recording.

Hide Camera
Hides the camera which follows the missile from behind.

Hide Camera During Recording
Hides the camera during recording.


Bullet Properties

Lifetime (seconds)
Determines the lifetime of the bullets fired.

Muzzle Velocity (m/s)
The velocity of the bullets.

Rate of fire (rounds/s)
The number of rounds fired per second.

The amount of bullets fired in the same discharge.

Spread Angle (degrees)
The maximum angle the bullets may spread from its default path.

Rotation (revolutions/s)
The bullets rotation speed.

Randomize Rotation Speed
How much the rotation speed is randomized. If Randomize Rotation Speed is 1 it gives 0 +/- (Rotation (revolutions/s)).

Randomize Rotation Axis
Randomizes the rotation axis.





Collision parameters

Determines how much the bullets will bounce when colliding with an object.

Collision correction value
This setting limits size of the heading correction that can be executed in the space of a second.



Air resistance.



Select all bullets
Selects all the bullets in the scene.


Recoil properties

Backward (frames)
The amount of frames for the recoil to its backward max.

Forward (frames)
The amount of frames for the recoil to its start position.

Response factor
The value how smooth the recoil is.

Depth (%)
Sets how deep the barrel goes into the gun.

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