Craft SphericalPlay


Craft SphericalPlay is a passive tool for introducing mechanical plays.
It can be used for creating more realistic interaction between objects during acceleration/deceleration or general movement.





Using Craft SphericalPlay


 Optimizing the scene

It’s wise to optimize the scene before starting to recording the animation. The scene is optimized by decreasing the amount of polygons shown during the recording. This is achieved by hiding objects not crucial to the part of the scene to be animated. Another tip is to use Craft Bounding Poly, which temporary lowers the amount of polygons for selected objects and allows for a smoother recording.


  1. Create a Craft 4-Wheeler.
  2. Create a Craft SphericalPlay.
  3. Create a Craft Trailer.
  4. Position the Craft Trailer behind the Craft 4-Wheeler (just as a trailer would normally be placed in relation to a vehicle).
  5. Position the Craft SphericalPlay at the back of the car so that is is placed between the Craft 4-Wheeler’s back and Craft Trailer’s TowingHookMesh.
  6. Link/Parent the SphericPlay (the sphere) to CarBodyMesh.
  7. Link/Parent the InnerPlay to TowingHookMesh.
  8. Click Record in Craft Director Studio’s main window to start recording. Now drive around with Craft 4-Wheeler and use the brake to see the effect of Craft SphericalPlay. Click Stop to stop the recording.

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Input settings




Spinners enables the change of parameter values with an input controller in real-time.

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General Modes

Hide Helpers
Hides the Helpers.

Hide Helpers During Recording
Hides the Helpers during recording.

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SphericalPlay Parameters

Play Wall Friction
How large the friction is inside of the play. If 0 the slider will glide for a long time, if large it will stop quickly.

Allow Slight Rebounce
If checked there will be a small rebounce when the slider hits the wall.

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