Animate Car in 3ds max for Unreal Engine


How to animate a car in 3ds max using Craft 4-Wheeler Extended rig, included in Craft Director Studio plugin and export it to Unreal Engine using Datasmith. ---- content ---- 0:00 Introduction 0:23 Downloading the Automotive Beach scene 1:13 Rig car model in 3ds max 5:13 Export ground from Unreal Engine to 3ds max 7:00 Animate the car in 3ds max 8:12 Exporting animation from 3ds max 9:31 Importing car with animation to Unreal Engine 11:14 How to update/replace car animation 12:22 Importing multiple animations of the same model to Unreal Engine ---- Material used ---- Rig used: Craft Director Studio, 4-Wheeler Extended - Model used: Tesla Model S P100D - Scene used: Automotive Beach by Unreal - Datasmith plugin:

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Craft Director Studio

Tools used:

4-Wheeler Extended


14:30 MIN


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