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This guide is intended for version 23.2 and later. If you are running an earlier version of Craft Director Studio please refer to the manual found here.

How to activate & configure your subscription

This guide help you configure and understand what functions you is available to you and your subscription.

Making changes to your subscription

Please note! that you are unable to make changes if you have purchased your subscription through a reseller.

Please note! that the customer portal will not confirm whether the entered email is linked to an account. If you have any inquiries, please contact us, and we will assist you as best we can.

By logging in to the Customer Portal using the email associated with your subscription, you can:

  • Cancel or re-enable your automatic subscription renewal.
  • Add or remove seats
  • Update your payment method
  • Update your contact / billing details

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Activating a Subscription on a workstation

When you have received a subscription code, you activate it using one of the following methods.

A. Activate your seat via the License Manager:

  1. Open the License manager from the Main menu of Craft Director Studio.
    Main menu licenser manager
  2. Click on Import license to open the Import license form.
    License Manager Import license
  3. Remove the pre-entered text and enter your activation code.
    Import subscription activation code
  4. Click OK, and your license should be up and running.
  5. license manager activated license



B. Tool pop-up window

  1. Create a tool that requires a subscription, such as 4-Wheeler Extended.
    Create tool drop down 4-wheeler extended
  2. A pop-up window should appear.
    No license pop-up window
  3. Click Activate, remove the pre-entered text, and enter your activation code.
    Import subscription activation code
  4. Click OK.
  5. Done.

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Workstation checkout mode configuration


Floating (default)

This is the default option. It fetches a seat when the Craft Director Studio plugin is enabled on the workstation. If no seat is available, the license manager will notify you.

30 day roaming

Checks out a seat for 30 days. This makes it possible to work offline without the need for internet connection. The 30 days are renewed as soon as the workstation is able to connect to the internet. If the workstation does not have internet connection during 30 days it is returned back to the server automatically. The seat can be returned by switching checkout mode to Inactive or Floating (returned when 3d program is closed down).


This option checks out the license until the subscription expires. If the license is renewed, and the workstation have access to internet it will automatically update to the new expiration date. To return the seat to the server, switch the checkout mode to Inactive or Floating (returned when the 3D program is closed down).


Enabling this mode causes the workstation to return any active seats to the server. The workstation will not attempt to retrieve any seats from the server until a different checkout mode is selected.

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